Cultural Roots Artists United works with veterans artists for years.

With the collaboration of Wata Faya Crew (backing band), and different social media, we are trying to find some other ways to support artists we used to work with, but also all those who need help !

Wata Faya Crew

Live shows are, for many of them, the only source of income, but, as you know, they are currently impossible to organize because of the sanitary crisis.

This situation is also an opportunity to highlight problems about the royalties that many veterans, founders of Reggae music do not recieve !
For now, our main action is to produce musical works and videos with different artists, to help them stay in touch with their fans and Reggae supporters, and continue to spread good vibrations in these hard times… We got to keep the fire burning !

Many artists have already joined us to give their support. All actors of this project act for free (including artists)

If you want to contribute to this project, you can donate here.

Thanks to all.